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“As the album title might indicate, the band has a a taste for the loose assembly of musicians dubbed krautrock, and it’s tempting to place them closest to audio pranksters Faust.
… has the genre finally found its own Pavement or Half-Japanese?” 

“This is the kind of relatively unassuming instrumental psych record that you’ve listened to three times or so without it making much of an impression, and then one morning you throw it on while the sun’s breaking through your window and voila, it all comes together.” (B+ rating)”
Redefine Magazine 

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“While they claim to be an ‘experimental rock/metal band combining disparate musical elements’, James S. and Sean S. have crafted an album that will surprise anyone expecting something ticking those genre boxes.”


Plugged by Warren Ellis!

“…sounds like a more spaced out version of Fuck Buttons…the inclusion of the homemade three-stringed synthesizers add to the unique vision and sound of Synthetic Biology.” 

“The entire concept behind this project is rather complex and pretty crazy, but the composition deserves a special mention for its originality in ambient progressive music!” 
Side Line music magazine 

“Album highlights include ‘Terraforming Planet DIY Bio,’ which has a great rippling rhythm and clever synths, while ‘Self-Assembling Virus Spaceship’ is a kind of mutated ambient jazz stroll – my favourite cut. Album closer ‘Human Engineered Pathogen’ is a ten minute Orb-esque romp through synth themes and samples. A different kind of listen…” 
Terrascope (2/3 of the way down the page) 

“Fellow travellers, here on the bridge of the star-ship Re-Enterprise, the star log says “It’s cyber, genre-defying, playfully groovy shit… but not as we know it – ye canna change the laws o’ Rubber Band Banjo.” 

“Chase Scene Through DNA Wormholes” with its driving rhythm and technological bleeps is more Krautrock in construct.” 
 Leicester Bangs (UK)

“RBB make music from sounds that might have been organic at one time but now have cybernetic enhancements bolted on to replace missing limbs. These hybrid sounds stride a landscape of shadowy and malicious intent, mixing, dancing, and fighting to unstoppable beats. There is almost no cowbell.”
-iTunes review


“Von Sleight’s Scandinavia Darkly is a travelogue confessional, a trip by viking longship to the ice deserts of the old north. Set your sound machine to “play” and sally forth to the Finland of the mind.” review


“Like a gelcap of musical antibiotics, Von Sleight’s Sieves and Cyphers reinvents the whole concept of how to use your ears. An audio landscape of schizophiliac hedgemazes, Von Sleight makes music to get lost in. Throw your compass in the river, dump the oars and let the canoe of your mind drift to foreign ports unheard of.” review